Designing a mobile app for People Magazine

Working with I was contracted to design a few mobile applications and a mobile website for People magazine. Prophet already had a few ideas including a minigames pack and a celebrity news tracker. Those were the two ideas we ended up running with and ultimately pitching to People. We delivered wireframes and a few key screens with rendered interfaces for each app.

Planning the Apps

I did the wireframing internally in Prophet offices. We went through several iterations as I incorporated feedback from the team on the concept and interaction. Once we all felt good with the direction I started approaching the visuals.

Mobile Trivia Packs and DLC

The game pack idea was realized as a sort of celebrity trivia lightning rounds. The idea was that with 10 or 15 different minigame types People magazine could release and sell new packs of current celebrity trivia. The games were tied into a whole rewards scheme that would give partnership brands the opportunity to promote coupons, discounts, and giftcards as redeemable rewards for status points players won by playing the trivia packs.

Tracking Celebrities

The second app idea was a more direct version of what People was already doing online. Delivering celebrity news content and style advice. Basically a native application version of what People's magazine was already doing online.