Citizen Science for Marine Megafauna

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Citizen Science for Marine Megafauna for Marine Megafauna

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Making Timewith Javascript

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User experience design to educate, promote science, and protect our environment.

Design is a powerful ally to have while creating digital products. It connects product, development, marketing, design and the user together with a shared vision.

This is my approach to designing mobile apps, responsive web applications, and desktop software interface. If you need communication design, interactive data, information architecture, visual designs, system design, or front end development, I can produce them all to improve the your user experience.

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My Disciplines

System Design

Understanding how a product is built, delivered and experienced provides opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the product team and its process. System design looks for these opportunities to improve both the process and the product. Developers, visual designers, product managers, and industrial designers all benefit from good system design.

Interface Design

Between the person and the machine is the visual layer. This is where people respond emotionally, where they connect with and understand the underlying information and functionality. It's the user’s first impression and carries the character of the product's identity. Our understanding of art and visual design ensures the interface is elegant, ingenious, and simple.


The interface artwork is expressed in code and Capslock has a deep understanding of this layer in web applications. Building great patterns with SASS/CSS and working closely with front-end developers ensures the interface's artwork is faithfully represented while aiding the development of the product.

My Background

I've worked in visual design, development, content and strategy for NGO's, education, lifestyle brands, finance, social media, hospitality, and the energy industry. These are some of the brands I've worked with in the past.